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Syna Horton

About Syna

Syna is naturally gifted and talented in the healing arts and has given careful attention to her education process, to become highly educated and skilled while honouring her own natural  healing abilities and others.


After graduating from the Oregon School of Massage where she studied Anatomy Physiology, Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, Acupressure, Infant Massage, injury recovery process, and Kinesiology. She then joined Ad Humanitas to further qualify in the fields of Cranial Fluid Dynamic’s  Ontological Kinesiology and the modalities of Chi and Allergy incorporating the Inner Dialogue principle’s.

She is now a qualified instructor of Cranial Fluid Dynamics and a Facilitator of Being Human Constellations working with groups, business’s, individual and family dynamics.


Currently residing in Ireland, Syna has lectured and held clinics in USA, France, Austria and the UK.


Customer story

Syna is a caring therapist who has been very supportive to my family. She has had an amazing and powerful impact on myself and and my children. During my second pregnancy I became unwell with gallstones. I was very stressed and concerned for my baby as well as experiencing lot of pain. Sessions with Syna eased my pain and improved my energy levels. Syna gave me advice on foods that would help my body and not irritate my gall bladder. Syna helped me through my pregnancy and avoid surgery and medication.
As an infant my son was very quiet and startled easily. His eyes were big and round and he looked scared all the time. I brought him to Syna when he was four and a half months old and immediately Syna soothed him. She guided him through his birthing process and changed his startled scared look to a calm contented baby. After each session with Syna, Tom would make progress and move towards a new milestone. Syna helped Tom roll, bring his hands together, crawl and walk.
Syna was the first person to listen to my concerns for Tom and take them seriously and it was amazing to see the change that she created with Tom. Her approach is gentle and calming, her soft voice was always soothing to Tom. After each session Tom was exhausted and within a few days my husband and I would begin to notice changes in how Tom moved and interacted with us. Tom still attends Syna every three months to review his development as he tends to get stuck at each milestone and needs support to achieve them.
Syna worked with my daughter and improved her sleep so that she wasn't as restless and upset at night.
My children love going to Syna and call her, '' The kind lady with the toys ''. Syna is kind and gentle approach helped me trust her with my young son as I was very protective of him and concerned about his development. I am delighted that I brought both my children to Syna. My husband and I saw the amazing change that happened in our son
and we highly recommend Syna's therapeutic input.

MM, Ireland

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©2024 by Syna Horton

Syn Horton Inner dialog

 Syna Horton 2024 Copyright All rights reserved 1986-2024

©2024 by Syna Horton

 Syna Horton 2024 Copyright All rights reserved 1986-2024

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